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Simple. Reliable. Sterile.

Since 1946

Since 1946, Consolidated Sterilizer Systems has been recognized as an innovator and technical resource in the steam sterilizer industry — providing the most reliable, affordable and customizable sterilization systems for laboratory and medical research facilities. Through ongoing research and development, we continue to create and integrate new technologies into our products that benefit our clients.

Steam sterilizers have the capability to sterilize various types of loads through adjustments in time, temperature, and pressure at each cycle phase.  From glassware to redbag waste, Consolidated’s sterilizers can run the necessary cycles to accurately sterilize your specific loads. 

Over 70 years of excellence, our products have satisfied leading universities, hospitals, and biotechnology facilities worldwide.

Innovating Autoclave Technology

Driving Innovation in Autoclave Technology

Driving Innovation in Autoclave Technology

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