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GSE Group International Pte Ltd is established in 2005. Our practical innovative business strategies continue to support our business growth tradition since our founding. We have introduced various cutting-edge technologies such as alkaline hydrolysis process, Free Piston Stirling Cooler technology, waste to oil technology, alternative green medical and laboratory waste disposal and water purification and disinfection technology to Asia.


Some of our key milestones: In 2014, we have successfully acquired a 25-year-old water technology company located in Northern California which is expected to increase revenue by 10 fold in 5 years. In 2018, we have successfully integrated marine and offshore chartering business pillar into the GSE business structure.


As a business partner, the result you can expect is well planned, well executed, transparently managed built on mutual trust, sustainable global sales and brand equity growth


Proven past abilities with market research, product planning, new product development, market launches, integrated marketing, and rapid sales growth all now part of a single organization and effort.


We also stand ready to go above and beyond with special support services on market research,  product development, commercialisation, business planning, supply chain, distribution and O2O marketing.


From a venture capital standpoint, we are willing participants in viable projects or initiatives in  the areas of supply chain, first mover adopter-integrator of client products, and executive-on

-loan or board member assistance to partner-client organization, strategy, and results.

Strong Collaboration

Research & Healthcare

GSE Life Science & Healthcare division is committed to deliver innovative solutions, services and products to support our customers at leading edge of science and evolving needs of healthcare.

We combine Fortune 500 corporate experience in USA with a track record of Asian infrastructure establishment in operations, engineering, sourcing, and sales and marketing.


Our professionals are familiar working with businesses that have complex multi-level, multi-functional, multi-cultural organizational relationships. We have managed to to foster trust and collaboration with multiple stakeholders to drive profitable business growth.

Innovation and technology are rapidly evolving in healthcare. We have delivered high value capital equipment and implemented avant-garde vanguard technology solutions for both our private and public sector clients. Some examples:

  • STI BioSAFE commercial medical waste treatment systems in South Africa, Ireland, Australia etc.

  • Ozotech technology to convert water for various disinfection applications suitable for B2B and B2C environments.

We are also proficient in matters involving IP protection, first language communications, product and pricing definition.

Focus is maintained by limiting ourselves to a boutique suite of products, solutions, and client partnerships. We seek partners who are truly willing to commit to establishing themselves in international markets on a sustainable basis. 

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Modern Container Terminal
Marine & Offshore

To-date, our team have been involved in the design, engineering and construction of more than 200 vessels.  These include the following:


  • Harbour and Towing Tugs (astern drive, tractor, VSP), bollard pull range from 30 to 85 Tonnes


  • LNG-fuelled harbor tugs

  • Anchor Handling Tugs / Supply Vessels, bollard pull range from 60 to 220 Tonnes


  • Platform Supply Vessels (diesel electric and conventional propulsion), DP Class 1 & 2, Deadweight capacity range from 2000 to 5000 Tonnes


  • Various types of barges : Crane barges, coal transshipment barges, self-propelled cargo barges, oil barges, self-loading barges


  • General cargo vessels, small to midsize container vessels, bulk carriers, tankers

  • Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers and Hopper barges

  • Fast crew boats

  • Specialized Vessels

    • Floating, Storage & Offloading (FSO) vessel

    • Ice-class shallow water AHTS for Caspian Sea operations

    • Ice breaking vessels, 15MW and 18 MW power, for Arctic area operations

    • Rock dumping fall pipe vessel

    • Air Dive Support Vessel, DP Class 2

    • Multi-purpose, Saturated Dive Support Vessels, DP Class 2 and 3

    • Subsea construction vessel

    • Pipelay / Heavy lift vessel, 2000T crane lift, DP Class 3



Clean & Sustainable Technology

GSE Clean & Sustainable technology division provide pioneering technology solutions for increased energy efficiency and greener solutions to support a sustainable environment.

Commercialisation of clean and sustainable technology can be capital intensive and is often made complex with multi-functional and transnational stakeholders including policy makers. 

Our current areas of focus are :

  • Electric vehicles and their portable batteries

  • Nanotechnology of thermal composite coating 


pannels in grass
Urban Traffic
Trading & Distribution - Offline & Online

We saw an opportunity in the market, where small businesses lacked the connections and means necessary to expand overseas and reach new markets that could benefit from their unique products and services. 


Leveraging our global network and our in-depth market knowledge, we provide business enabler solutions for small to medium size companies to expand overseas.


We specialise in consulting and partnering with our clients for market access, supply and commercialisation activities including distribution, channel expansion across our global network to promote and facilitate trade of unique products and services in both B2C and B2B landscapes via online and offline strategies.


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